International Festivals

At our festivals we show the great diversity of puppet theatre in concentrated form: In addition to our own premieres, we present puppet theatre, street theatre, installations, workshops and exhibitions from all over the world, often to show them in Vienna for the first time, and to lose oneself in their fantastic world, or to discover new worlds. Since 2015, we have been staging international festivals in addition to our regular shows and tours. In the series Future Lab, we have dedicated ourselves since 2021 to the opportunities and risks of digital theatre and new technologies in theatre. The festivals are curated and directed by Lisa Zingerle.

puppets die better event 2023: world premiere of Die Habsburger – A Vampirg’schicht

International Puppet Festival 2023
With Sofie Krog Teater, Eva Sotriffer, Rebekah Wild & Christoph Bochdansky

2. Future Lab 2023
With the Artificial Museum, an AI-Concert, 1/0/1-robots of manufaktor, a Virtual Reality Circus Varieté

puppets die better-Festival 2022
The Dark Trullala by Sarah Wissner (The good sleep of MECANIkA wasn’t able to come)

International Puppet Festival 2022
With Plastic Heros by Ariel Doron, object theater workshop, Tilda Eulenspiel Co-production with Rebekah Wild

1. Future Lab 2022
With Cosmea Spelleken of punktlive and premieres of digital projects like the virtual puppet museum, Ein Würstelstand auf Weltreise, May.Be 2.0

puppets die better event 2021: Shakespeare IM BLUT

2020/21 postponed because of lockdowns

puppets die better Festival 2019
With Liebesg’schichteln&Todessachen by Barbara Spitz, RAW by Dramalabel, Romeo&Julia by Kaufmann&Co, Goya Weiber world premiere by Barbara Kriegl and Rebekah Wild, IM BLUT by Christoph Bochdansky & Die Strottern

International Puppet Festival 2019
Work show by Sofie Krog Teater: DIVA, The House and Circus Funestus, as well as Sonnenschein&Regen by Heini Brossmann

puppets die better festival 2018
With Der Herr Tod und seine Freunde and 5 tragische Weisen eine Frau zu töten, an installation of Mama Fortuna by Claudia Six, and Fisch an der Wand by Sven Stäcker

International Puppet Festival 2017
World premiere of 1000 Jahre Schubert Theater and guest performances by Companie Nie with Wirklich wahrscheinlich & Pension, Rebekah Wild with Pinned & Die Seiltänzerin, Pascal Martinoli with Mein Balkonkasten (by Ray Nüsselein), Christoph Bochdansky with Eine kleine Topografie des Ungewissen and Rapunzel

International Puppet Festival 2016
With Punch&Judy, Mathilde and a puppet workshop by Neville Tranter, Was Sachen so machen by Tristan Vogt, Looking for Brunhild by Pierre Schäfer and Veronika Thiemes and a puppettheater and stop motion movie exhibition with an installation by Claudia Six as well as the world premiere of Paperman

International Puppet Festival 2015
International performances like Clic by Des Fourmis dans la Lanterne, Parasite Circus by Têtes de mules, LaCrimosa by Bruno Pilz, the installation by Claudia Six Character Photo Booth, puppettheater exhibition

Grünschnabel in Wien: International Puppet Festival 2014
Go! by Polina Borisova, Der Freischütz by Samira Lehmann and Stefan Wenzel, Land in Sicht by Pascal Martinoli, Zwischenfälle by Triebwerk Berlin