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An excerpt from our digital projects:

Future Lab – the future and theatre
Every year at the Future Lab, we invite audiences, experts and artists to exchange ideas about digital topics in and at the theater and in our lives.

2023 “Metamorphoses: Aaron Swartz” (Aaron’s law)
In the 10th year of the death of programming genius and hacktivist Aaron Swartz, we are dedicating analog and digital works to him, in which we explore his person and his work, which continues to have an impact to this day. Our first analogue puppet for digital works, and the first cooperation with the Artificial Museum. The projects were included in the project series “Aaron’s law” from The final stage of the metamorphosis was presented at Ars Electronica 2023.

2023 “Virtual Reality Circus Varieté”
Director Simon Meusburger and VR specialist Olivier Schaffer have brought the best scenes of the magical puppet theater variety show into a new dimension: In a unique combination of contemporary circus arts and puppet theater, four poetic, enchanting and humorous stories are created in a virtual reality variety show.

2022 “Blade Runner – the tale of humanity”
The sci-fi classic by Philip K. Dick as a dystopian puppet theater thriller with our first purely virtual puppets.

2022 VR-Cooperation with Echtzeitkunstwelt
Echtzeitkunstwelt experiments with the permeability of perceptions between real and artificial worlds with inside and outside observations, sensory perceptions and resonances. Echtzeitkunstwelt is an online, multiplayer framework in VR (virtual reality). The concept is to incorporate the respective (real) art environments on site. In the interplay of different art forms (puppet theater, music, dance, visual arts…) we explore the possibilities of performance and liveness in digital space.

2022 “Ein Würstelstand auf Weltreise/A sausages shop on a world tour”
The digital miniseries based on the hit play “Die Welt ist ein Würstelstand”. Theater to go in five episodes.

2021 “Virtual Puppet Museum”
Together with the media artists Ilkhan Selkuc and Mathias Hradecsni, we developed a digital replica of our foyer, through which you can enter specially designed virtual rooms where you can get to know our productions and characters better. The museum is regularly expanded and serves as a platform for encounters as well as an interactive archive. The museum was presented at the Performing Arts & Digitality Festival 2022 in Darmstadt.

2021 “May.BE 2.0”
Plagued by lockdowns and postponements of time, we decided to rescue a premiere into the digital space and show it in our newly built Virtual Puppet Museum on Mozilla Hubs.


2019-2022 “Project Pinocchio – the tale of artificial intelligence” (ended)
In this new interpretation of the classic by Carl Collodi, the piece of wood is replaced by a robot, and three scientists upload the classic fairy tale as a final test for its consciousness. The text was largely developed using the GPT2 language model. The production is unfortunately not shown anymore, but you can get to know the modern fairy tale in our Virtual Puppet Museum and watch an excerpt in VR.


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