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Known and loved for its morbidly humorous evenings as well as for its poetic pictorial journeys, the Schubert Theater is a place of fantasy and magic. For several years now, the team under Simon Meusburger and Lisa Zingerle has devoted itself entirely to puppet theater for adults, realizing new and old material, from classics such as “Faust” and “Blade Runner” to biographies such as “F. Zawrel” or “The Faces of Hedy Lamarr” to world premieres such as “Circus of Dreams” and “The World is a Sausage Stand.”

With Nikolaus Habjan, the puppets came to the Schubert Theater and productions such as “Schlag sie tot”, “Der Herr Karl” and “Don Quijote” were created. Since then, the repertory theater has enjoyed great popularity due to its mixture of current topics, Viennese humor and technically precise puppetry. The production “F. Zawrel” with Nikolaus Habjan was awarded the Nestroy Prize in 2012 and celebrated its 10th stage anniversary in 2022. The non-verbal play “Paperman” won the Niederstätter SurPrize art prize in Bolzano in 2019, and the theatrical adaptation of “Blade Runner” was voted one of the ten best plays of the year in the Viennese newspaper FALTER in 2022.

In addition to cooperations with renowned Austrian theaters, established puppeteers and young groups of the puppet theater scene, as well as guest performances worldwide, the Schubert Theater organizes its own puppet theater festivals every year, such as the “Puppen sterben besser-Festival” (Puppets die better festival) around Halloween and the “Internationales Figurenfestival” (International puppet festival) around the Day of Puppetry on March 21. Since 2019, the team has also been exploring digitality and new technologies in, at, and for theater, opening the Virtual Puppet Museum at the in-house Future Lab in 2021.

The repertoire is in constant flux, with great emphasis on allowing each piece the time to mature appropriately. This also gives audiences the opportunity to experience particular stories and themes multiple times and from different perspectives. However, don’t miss short-lived highlights such as the outdoor station theater series “Spaziergang für die Figur/Walk for the figure” or the Christmas puppet show and sign up for the newsletter for the latest news.

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The Schubert Theater is supported by fundings from the City of Vienna and the Federal Ministry.