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A Monologue with a Suitcase 

“A Monologue with a Suitcase was born from Prove (rewind). It’s a new thematic journey shared with Guerassim Dichliev with whom I have worked with for more than twenty years, years of artistic partage where body and speech are expressed as the esperanto for tomorrow.” Costantino Raimondi, director

This work takes form through the themes of immigration and the embodied spirit of real life experiences as lived by the actor  in Prove (rewind). Nerves muscles and tension, between dreams and reality. An actor accompanied by a suitcase, full of memories and future plans. Almost like a silent film in which the irony of his own fate is the only hope  for tomorrow.

10 years the show has run in : 4 continents, 180.000km, 26 nations, 80 cities, 13 languages : Ethiopia, Djibouti, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria ,Kosovo, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Angola, Zambia, Seychelles Islands, Nigeria, Cyprus, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Italy, Finland, Isreal, Macedonia, USA.

Award for the best show in Physical Theater Festival / Skopie / 2009 / Macedonia
Award for the Best International Play / Cordoba / 2015 / Argentina
Award for Best Comedian in / New York / 2017 / USA

with & by: Guérassim Dichliev / Conception, Body dramaturgy and Direction by: Costantino Raimondi / Assistant stage director : Pascale Kouba / Costumes Creation: Bérénice Gallimard 
Productions: ISKRA Théâtres (France) / Espace Jean Racine (France) / City of Svilengrad (Bulgaria) / Guava Productions (USA)